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Clinical research dedicated to the characterization of medical and recreational cannabis using whole plant and isolated cannabinoids.



About Trichome Labs

Trichome Labs began as one man's quest to find relief from relentless nausea and wasting accompanying chemotherapy. Along the way he had opportunity to help a number of friends and neighbors in their own battles with dreadful, painful and often life threatening diseases. It soon became evident that different conditions respond positively to different strains of cannabis.
We work with several elite strains, each one bred for its excellence and to contains to bring forward the unique characteristics which determines suitability for use with certain medical complaints or conditions.
Much of our research involves compiling data about the select number of strains we work with and discovering the best potential applications for each. Another aspect of our work involves collecting empirical data from various medical cannabis patients.
In time we will compile all our data in to a complete cannabis Materia Medica with Repertoire.
Using a combination of high definition photographs, patient testimonials, and the latest in Medical Research, this book will classify which strains and which delivery methods are best suited for treatment of which conditions.
In the meantime, our cannabis has been featured in other venues. Most recently Cannabis Indica: The Essential Guide To The World's Finest Marijuana Strains by S.T. Oner.
Our investigative study includes the effectiveness of a number of cannabis delivery methods as relates to various medical conditions as well. Our interests range from the nutritional benefits of hemp seed and ingested cannabis from raw juiced leaf the best uses for medicinal edibles and teas to the nutritional benefits of eating hemp seed and juicing cannabis leaf to applications such as ointments.


If you are interested in discovering more about the science of cannabis benefits, applications, safety and potency, please feel free to contact Trichome Labs for accurate and unbiased information. It is our goal to educate and inform doctors, caregivers, and most of all patients.

Our Premier Strains

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  • TL121-H: "Sketch OG"
  • TL120-HSID: "Lemon OG"
  • TL169-HSD: "White Widow"
  • TL-170-H: "Gods Cookies"
  • TL-101-I: "Concrete Leopard"
  • TL-117-I: "Granddaddy Purple"
  • TL-152-HID: "Blueberry Hog's Breath